Where did British Walker's come from?

Where did British Walker's come from?


Nothing is more classy than having a pair of Wallabbees from back in the days. In the 80's, British walkers went hand to hand with hip hop and style. Yes, Styling british walkers in school was a thing of the past. Who would've known that British walkers was that shoe. Crashing parties and Clubs in the five boroughs of New York City. If you were stepping out at night, British Walker's was that shoe. Crepe soles? Those gummies used to hold tight for dancing and walking long distances to the club. I'm not really sure when breakdancing started. We know that hip hop started it, or  was it when a pair of  British walkers on the dance floor. The way those gummies were gripping on the floor, anyone could've come up with some flamboyant moves, But we know that hip hop has first priority.

That break-dancers #1 shoe for breakdancing was British Walkers. Just for the ever popular crepe sole (as some call it, gummies ). Hip hop and British Walker was an icon in the 80's.

The British Walker shoe was just from breakdancing, but it sold other classy shoes that old school cats use to wear. Like that Bally's. Those slip-ons and all leather wear the most comfortable walking shoes in harlem (British Walker sells them now. They call them "westminsters".)  You can check the here

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